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IPC and TELNORM upgrade Banco de Bogota’s legacy trading floor technology, interruption free, with flagship, award-winning Unigy® platform and next-generation IQ/Max Touch financial terminal.

“Replacing a 15-year legacy system on a major trading floor is not without its challenges. The technology refresh was carried out with no disruption to the floor, ensuring that the traders immediately benefitted from streamlining of daily workflows and access to advanced applications. At the same time the project delivered increased security and reliability for the voice recording platform that ensures the traders are able to keep trading.”

Quick Facts


Banco de Bogotá, the oldest commercial banking institution in Colombia, with a long-established trading floor.


Conversion from a legacy platform to a new state-of-the-art trading floor without disruption to daily operational activities, in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla whilst operating within the confines of a global pandemic.


IPC and TELNORM implemented a well-executed solution and converted the trading floor to the latest IQ/Max Touch Turrets powered by Unigy® platform in one weekend.


• Significant increase in security and reliability in Voice Recording platform.

• New and improved metrics leading to increased trader productivity.

• State of the art touch screen software driven system delivered enhanced communication tools for traders

• Substantial savings on infrastructure maintenance costs.


Banco de Bogotá, the oldest commercial banking institution in Colombia, wanted to upgrade its trading floor communication technology to provide increased trader functionality and improve the security and reliability of their voice recording capabilities.

A significant deployment challenge for TELNORM, one of the largest systems integrators in Latin America, was ensuring zero disruption to the bank’s daily operational activities whilst making it easy for both the integrators and end users to migrate to this new system.

Additionally, the complex compliance and security standards of Banco de Bogotá’s trading floors could not be compromised during this time. They needed to be continuously maintained throughout the integration of the PBX Cloud, enhanced Voice Recording, and other tools to secure and monitor the risk levels within the bank.

Lastly, the system needed to be simultaneously deployed in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla, whilst operating within the restrictions of a global pandemic.


TELNORM deployed the latest IQ/Max Touch turrets in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla, along with a specialized disaster recovery plan in the bank’s alternative operations site.

Powered by the Unigy platform, TELNORM delivered the two distinct main and secondary site solutions with Voice Recording in 2N. Changing the previous N+1 architecture allowed Banco de Bogotá to have a greater reliability on VR whilst decreasing the possibility of recording loss.

The installation and deployment took place over a weekend to minimize disruption, whilst all integrations with the PBXs and public connections were tested by TELNORM in advance to ensure a smooth transition.

TELNORM also provided remote training to Banco de Bogotá’s staff, overcoming the challenge of providing face to face end user training during a global pandemic. This was aided by the Unigy platform’s intuitive interface which meant little or no training for traders and other users was needed in some cases.



Further to the successful deployment of this new and superior technology, with zero impact to Banco de Bogotá’s day-to-day operational activities, TELNORM was able to deliver a significant increase in the security and reliability of the voice recording platform as a result of the new 2N architecture.

The system’s new apps and communication functionality allowed traders to benefit from more efficient ways of simplifying and executing their daily tasks. The new metrics supplied them with information required to increase their productivity and become more effective in their day-to-day operational processes.

The next generation financial terminal: IPC’s IQ/Max Touch provided traders and risk managers alike with controls and capabilities that facilitated trading, offered improved distribution of speaker channels and simplified compliance. The software driven flexibility and touch screen functionality also enabled individual traders at Banco de Bogotá to Benefit from customized workflows.

The Soft client – that supports trading from anywhere regardless of location device or application – facilitated remote working which was particularly key during the pandemic-induced periods of market stress and volatility, where communications and connectivity were critical to source liquidity.

Additionally, significant savings were realized on infrastructure maintenance costs due to the cutting-edge technology being bandwidth efficient and optimizing LAN and WAN usage.

TELNORM Spotlight

TELNORM is a modern technology services partner designed for today’s global, immediate and valuefocused business environment. For three decades we have lead, enabled and supported our clients through multiple waves of change and technology evolution. In the process, we have learned how to be an amazing partner who brings vision, experience and powerful execution.

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