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Did you know that companies with a strong omnichannel loyalty strategy achieve a customer retention rate of 89%, compared to 33% of those that do not use it?

Less and less consumers discover a brand through the mass media and TV. In fact, one in two people uses two or more channels – social media, blogs and websites – to communicate with a brand before deciding on the final purchase.

What’s an omnichannel strategy?

“Omnichannel retail strategy connects all channels for a fully-integrated shopping experience and a seamless transition across all platforms”, Intelstyle

An omnichannel strategy is the set of tools that a company uses to reach its customers, as well as the way to take advantage of these in their everyday life to boost communication and homogeneous interaction with them.

In the omnichannel experience, the customer is the center of the strategy

The center of the omnichannel strategy is the customer, to whom the company must provide a unique relationship experience from any point. At the same time, the information generated from customer interactions at the different channels must be fully catched and managed.

Ideal omnichannel solutions provide personalized statistics on user interfaces, allowing agents to get real-time updates on customer experiences, wherever they are.

A correct omnichannel planning –in organizational and technological terms– allows the identification of the types of problems that affect certain channels, to consequently optimize the performance of the contact center by prioritizing calls from customers with urgent problems and ensuring that they obtain the assistance they need.

Get to know the behavior of your customers

in each of your channels and keep them loyal

A comprehensive view of all customer interactions with your company allows the understanding of the customer journey, making easier to offer personalized attention more in line with the stage in which remains.

To connect with customers and collect and process their data, intelligence from all touchpoints must inform the CRM and the other way. This customer history will help the agents and systems of a contact center to act quickly, correctly and efficiently, anticipating the reason for the call and what they must do to resolve it.

Each customer contact provides defining information

for “The best next action”

Although omnichannel allows your company to be proactive with customers, it is essential to have real time analysis tools, since these customers that connect through different channels generate an important information flow that allows the company to understand their behaviors and create patterns to generate proactive actions. Therefore, advanced and real-time data management is required.

In a technologically well-founded omnichannel strategy, all this data collected from your customers is stored in the same central technological location capable of integrating data that generates information on individualized profiles of each customer in real time, maintaining consumer privacy, data security and personalized attention.

By exchanging data internally, customer service centers will have a better window into the customer experience, thus gaining insight that can be used to improve products, optimize processes, and rethink marketing strategies.

An omnichannel strategy must use agile, scalable and flexible cloud-based communication systems that obtain data and make it available to employees, agents and supervisors, and must be able to adapt instantly if the call center grows or if new channels are incorporated.

Minimizing effort, first-contact resolution, and maximizing satisfaction are imperative KPIs in an omnichannel model.

A correct measurement of the productivity and performance of the contact center with tools that provide all this information in real time makes it easier to detect possible errors and deficiencies and also opportunities for improvement.

“The best customer service process is one that doesn’t require human intervention”

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

In the omnichannel strategy, automation and self-service in contact centers solve simple and common tasks in a short time.

If you want to know how to implement omnichannel progressively by simple tools, you can contact us.

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