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Thanks to CRM, it is easier to direct and manage customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns. It offers a multitude of uses depending on the sector in which you work and the purpose you want to achieve with the tool, from collaboration between team members, collecting information from social networks, sending personalized emails, and obtaining a complete vision of your business.

In 2008, only 12% of businesses used CRM platforms compared to 87% that do so now.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to the strategies, techniques, and technologies that businesses implement to manage, document, and assess customer and customer engagement with the objective to boost sales conversions and build on customer relationships.

A good CRM helps the growth of a company. To choose the right one, it is important to take into account certain characteristics of your company such as size, number of workers, number of clients, type of business, etc.

How does a CRM solution help businesses?

A CRM is an essential solution if you want to collect all the necessary data from your clients and maintain a fluid relationship with them. It covers the commercial, marketing and customer service areas to improve service and relationships with customers and prospects. Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction, positively impacting in terms of recurring and cross-sales.

Gather and Organize Customer Data and Information

A CRM solution collects all the information of the commercial management maintaining a detailed historical and centralizes in a single Database all of the interactions between a company and its clients, making it easier to understand their needs and anticipate to them.

All your old and new contacts and the information gathered about them —through customer engagement and from external sources like sales-stage history, associated details, attachments, notes and so on— become structured when brought to one CRM platform.

From a CRM, it is possible to profile and segment your customers in an elaborate way, and help optimize your product and service offerings.

Companies that use CRM solutions generate more sales opportunities and have the information for superior customer service and after-sales service.

Understand your customers

An optimal CRM software can provide answers to challenges like what your customers want, what they are looking for in your products, how and who they prefer to communicate with and so on. Receiving a real-time feed on customers’ behavior give you an edge over your rivals.

CRM revenue in 2025 is projected to reach $ 80 trillion.

View your customer from all 360 degrees

Know where your customers are between sales stages and become capable of planning your campaigns with desired precision.

Collaborate your efforts

Build an integrated in-house team from different departments and keep them informed about specific developments using the right Customer Management software. You can identify the right resources, assign tasks to your professionals, and track task statuses.

Optimize your efforts, solve tasks in less time and eliminate redundant functions.

Auric Prospector by TELNORM

Understanding the nature of small and mid-segment businesses, and their CRM needs, Auric Technology has designed its CRM software, Auric Prospector, with traits that create a smooth sales lifecycle.

With our services, we offer a glitch-free and tailor-fit CRM solution, so that it wraps around your business and industry requirements easily. We support small and medium-size enterprises by making the CRM software available in ASP format, so that their users require hardly any or no tech support on site.

If you are looking for a CRM solution that can handle your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory on a single platform and take your business to new heights, please contact us.

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