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How to adopt the remote agent model and stay productive.

Productivity measurement – that efficiency indicator that measures the relationship between results and time and resources used to obtain them – allows companies to quickly detect if the production system of a Contact Center together with the rest of the areas is working in the right way.

The “new normal”, which has required moving a large part of the operation of an organization to the remote model, also offers the opportunity to increase human capital, optimize processes, offer a better customer experience and reduce costs.

“Happy agents produce happy customers” or “Productive agents produce satisfied customers.”

Remote working removes physical barriers, so organizations can expand their hiring radii in search of talents who are predisposed to provide a better customer experience. In turn, saving the cost of a physical space allows you to invest in more valuable technology that helps control and improve productivity.

COVID-19 may permanently change the way many of us work. At present, shifting as many people as possible to home-based telework is a necessary response to a terrible crisis. In the post-pandemic world, it may stay with us as a popular practice that, if done well, can improve job satisfaction, raise productivity, reduce emissions, and spread work to more remote regions.

What is one of the biggest challenges of teleworking?

Certainly managing operations without physical supervision of the workforce. An optimal solution is to implement a suitable technological tool that ensures the control and availability of resources in real time.

What should a technological solution offer you for managing the performance and productivity of your organization?

It should aim to create a performance-based culture that offers a better customer experience at a lower cost; therefore, it would choose for a solution that engages employees far beyond a dashboard by using custom reports, workflows, work, training and even that promotes alignment to internal policies and action on the battlefront.

It should be considered that it offers value in three dimensions:


That combines corporate goals with individual and departmental objectives, allowing managers and employees to track their results based on their objectives. If you also aggregate the data from systems across the enterprise, it becomes a single, accurate source.


If employees can clearly see their performance, it facilitates self-management towards their goals. This promotes greater employee satisfaction by empowering them to improve their own performance, while supervisors direct their training to the people and issues that need special attention.


The reports and workflows – drawn from a single enterprise-wide database that eliminates redundancies and outdated information – will drive accountability across all areas of the organization and help track business impact.

If, in addition, the connectivity of this solution allows to operate data from other systems, its value increases as it is combined with Workforce Management (WFM), Real-Time Activity Monitoring (RTAM) and Real Time Process Optimization (RTPO).

With 30 years of experience, TELNORM integrates the best solutions for performance and productivity management, profitable and scalable according to the specific needs of each organization. We can help you, contact us today.

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