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Be it from public services, deliveries, or simple transportation, this sophisticated solution allows for agile, reliable communication with national and international coverage, using telecommunications networks.

Consider the next scenario: a policeman is chasing down a criminal. No matter where he is, he’ll be able to communicate and call other units for support by pressing a button on his radio unit. An operator receives the information of the event, including audio and images, safely without fear of intrusions. The operator now uses a desktop application to localize the nearest units, either individually or in groups. Once the criminal has been detained, it is possible to generate a detailed report using all the information compiled during the event.

In any succesful business, lies the principle of ABC: Always Be in Contact.

A strong communication network ensures the acquisition of a key resource: Information. And that information must be obtained at the right moment, easily and reliable. For that, it is important to have the right tools.

With the sophisticated radio communications solution offered by TELNORM Air, you obtain agile, reliable communication with national and international coverage without depending on your own communications infrastructure.

It adds versatility and it is not essential to invest in equipment, since it is useful both in two-way radios and / or through an APP that is installed on smartphones (Smartphone), with Android Operating System.

Some characteristics of our radio communication solution are:

🔸Incorporate applications for the benefit of your activity and enhance functionality capabilities with the same equipment.

🔸Secure communications through 256-bit encryption.

🔸Identified and authorized equipment units, minimizes the possibility of listening, intervening or decrypting conversations

🔸Use of 4G and 3G telecommunications, LTE networks and WiFi networks.

🔸Communication Hierarchy: empowers certain participants to interrupt minor communications.

🔸From its powerful desktop application, locate all your terminals in real time and know their active / passive status.

🔸Remote locking of lost radio units.

🔸Selective, group communication, and jumping from one group to another.

🔸Easy private communication with all your elements and collaborators.

🔸Know where your resources are.

🔸Timely and accurate information in case of emergency.

🔸Heavy duty equipment that complies with the Official Mexican Standard designed for field personnel

Implementing the TELNORM Air system requires three simple steps: acquire, configure and activate. It can be easily escalated and enhanced. Owing to the technology that operates with, it is versatile.

We serve any business, including: Security Companies; Transfer of Securities; Ambulances; Transfer of Personnel; Gas Distributors; Carriers; Industrial Maintenance; Residential Maintenance; Customs Agencies and Ports; Messenger service; Taxis and Regional and State Government Offices.

Be it from public services, deliveries, or simple transportation, anywhere constant communication is needed, TELNORM Air thrives. Simple, yet powerful. Everything you need so you don’t forget your ABCs: Always Be in Contact.

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