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The next step for Contact Centers is the dominant CCaaS model, which responds to clients’ needs for flexibility, agility, scale and speed.

Today, the Contact Center market is shaping up towards integrated solution suits that target customer interaction management, self-service, integrated artificial intelligence, and improved workforce optimization as the basis for evolution and development. differentiation.

A CCaaS (Contact Center As A Service) is a software solution that operates in the cloud without the need to manage local hardware, capable of routing customer communication and interactions to the Contact Center agent from any point.

True native CCaaS solutions, developed to run in the cloud, distinguish themselves by leveraging modern microservice technologies, having elastic scalability, and being designed to enable users to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

On August 26, 2020, Forrester – a leading market research and consulting firm for consumer and technology companies – released the results of its CCaaS vendor assessment, placing the NICE inContact CXone Spring 2020 Release product as a leader in this field.

The study, which analyzed 10 CCaaS providers based on 33 criteria, set their ratings on elements such as improved omnichannel and workforce optimization (WFO), ranking CXone as the most channel-supported solution. broad, spanning voice and digital, and the strongest WFO offering in this assessment.

NICE inContact CXone is a fully integrated CCaaS solution that runs in the public cloud using microservices. Provides full stretch, rapid growth, and unique reliability. Additionally, CXone includes hundreds of APIs. It allows integrations with compatible applications designed by technology partners, as well as customer-specific extensions, offering a broad technology ecosystem that multiplies its capabilities.

CXone provides a comprehensive approach to omnichannel, and the basis for building a cognitive contact center, by extracting real-time text and voice interaction attributes that guide agents to relevant content and next best actions.

In February 2020, CXone was also recognized by Gartner, consolidating its place as a market leader thanks to its comprehensive offering that includes everything necessary to guarantee the best customer experience, commitment, productivity and satisfaction of agents and the optimization of business processes.

With three decades of experience in Contact Centers, at TELNORM we have led, enabled and supported our clients through multiple waves of change and technology evolution. We integrate and develop the best solutions for this sector, using proven best technology such as NICE inContact CXone. We are an appealing partner who brings vision, experience and powerful Cloud Based Services and Solution Integration.

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