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To verify the optimal performance of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system increases the retention, revenue and ROI KPIs of your current clients.

Building customer loyalty through self-service

From phone banking and flight scheduling information to televoting, the use of IVR within the Contact Center industry provides great benefits. A telephone self-service of excellence offers a better experience to the client – and helps to their loyalty – by solving their frequent queries with 24/7 attention without the need for expensive human personnel.

How does an IVR work?

An IVR establishes a unified and homogeneous initial interface for customers who call the business. In the case of a multi-frequency or tone dialing DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) system, the IVR identifies the tone of the key pressed as a command to the selected option. By Artificial Intelligence (AI), interactions are possible through Voice Recognition and even those TTS (Text to Speech) that allow to transform text to audio.

By integrating with much more complex processes, IVR systems have made it possible to expand the possibilities of response options and even deal with elements such as completing purchases, identifying customers, predicting probable reasons for calling, inquiring orders, etc. Practically any service within a company, if it does not require human intervention, can be managed by telephone through this technology.

Guarantee the superior quality of the IVR in the Contact Center

Reduce failed calls, IVR and applications errors before the customer knows it

TELNORM’s Visual Verify solution is adjustable, non-intrusive and verifies IVR, infrastructure and applications in real time. Visual Verify emulates real customer interactions from the public telephone network and sends alerts in real time. Provides evidence of problems found and performance reports.

This cloud solution is customizable and maintains the health of any IVR system.

Visual Verify detects:

Problems with infrastructure & numbers
IVR Failure Response
IVR Response time
Incorrect IVR messages & prompt errors
Silence or large delays with IVR
Application Response
Dead ends and drop outs
Voice Biometrics Verification
Changes in the IVR

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