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Most companies have realized that customer satisfaction is the primary indicator of success, but they focus on specific touch points or limited channels, resulting in poor progress.

The Customer Journey is the sum of the experiences, from the customer’s perspective, that they have when interacting with your brand or business. Knowing this journey comprehensively can help you improve your online presence, customer service, website design, and more, ensuring your clients have what they need, including a team of support staff.

Understanding the Customer Journey

It’s beyond a sales transaction – your customer journey can be an online experience, customer service, professional service, or any other interaction with your brand. It can start with a chatbot or website interaction, leading to a live chat with an agent, and ending in a call with the same representative within the Contact Center.

A fragmented customer journey is a broken journey. It is a sign that something in the digital experience offered is not working as it should. It is not omnichannel.

Your job as a brand is to make sure the tools and resources are in place for a proper journey.

The omnichannel experience and the Cloud Contact Center

Call centers and customer service departments that are dedicated only to solving problems after the fact are practically archaic.

Your customers want the best experience. You want to give them the best experience. Transforming the customer experience requires agile and omnichannel solutions as well as tracking metrics across channels and touch points. That includes the role your Contact Center plays.

An omnichannel cloud Contact Center adds agility. You can implement changes and updates in a matter of hours, instead of waiting days or even months for new integrations. In addition, you can manage and train agents on all the channels offered and report, collect feedback and analyze each interaction, regardless of origin, in a single unified tool.

The best solution at hand is here

TELNORM offers the best customer-centric solution that handles everything from interactions to metrics to tracking, allowing you to control the customer journey from start to finish. How do we do it? Integrating, according to your needs, the best qualified CCaaS software on the market that offers omnichannel routing and an agile implementation that can dynamically change your business.

This platform excels when it comes to connecting customer journeys across multiple channels and empowering agents to provide proactive, personalized service to ensure customers have the best possible experience. With this solution, you also get workforce engagement tools, analytics and reporting solutions, and artificial intelligence capabilities in a single, unified cloud platform that helps your brand improve the customer experience.

Rich analytics and metrics allow you to track customer behaviors and actions and monitor their efforts in real time.

With this solution you will be able to:

Boost your customer satisfaction and retention
Identify and correct operational and other problems both in the Customer Journey and in the company as a whole
Delivering the Ideal Omnichannel Experience Today’s Customers Demand

Ready to embrace a new digital experience for your customers? Contact us and discover how TELNORM can provide your brand with the tools and solutions to transform your Contact Center.

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