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One of the great challenges in managing operations inside and outside the contact center is managing people with remote work.

The teleworking model changed, conceptually and on practice, the methods of monitoring the performance of the workforce. With this, it has been learned that the role of appropriate technological solutions is primary.

Let’s think about the work of the supervisor of the contact center of any company:

The contact center supervisors aims to increase efficiency: they must ensure that the calls they receive are answered in a limited time and that, in turn, customers receive the attention and information they requested. In addition, they will review the times and execution of the agents’ work after the calls. Plaintiff, isn’t it?

But that is not all. The supervisors must intervene in the resolution of conflicts and are in charge of the control and supervision of contact center personnel, as well as the fulfillment of their objectives and functions, of listening to them, motivating them and keeping them loyal.

If they have the necessary experience, they will also be in charge of the preparation of reports and analysis of KPIs, report of results and analysis of the profitability of the campaigns.

Under these types of responsibilities, any contact center supervisor can quickly burn out. And poor or deficient supervision jeopardizes staff permanence, metrics, customer service, and much of the success of the business or company.

Now, let’s add the distance factor: without face-to-face supervision, the only possible option to be victorious in fulfilling these responsibilities is to use the right technology in the right way.

Implementing a Workforce Management Solution

In this case, the integration of an appropriate Workforce Management solution can provide the contact center with remote agents and supervisors with the necessary control of performance, as well as the availability of talent with certain skills in real time. This undoubtedly significantly increases productivity in the contact center and, therefore, benefits customer service and Back Office activity.

A Workforce Management solution suitable for the organization and well integrated with the rest of the systems, represents an important optimization of human capital and a significant saving of economic resources.

Plan and schedule. Optimize and save.

At TELNORM we have extensive experience in the integration of Productivity Management, Workforce Management, Real-Time Activity Monitoring (RTAM) and Real-time Process Optimization (RTPO) systems, among others, in the contact center and other areas of companies and organizations. As a result, savings rates, agent, supervisor, and customer satisfaction scores, and automated process raters increase dramatically.

Our team of experts in various disciplines is ready to advise you towards a smooth, gradual and adequate digital transformation to move your business forward.

Let’s explore together the most appropriate options for your needs. Contact us.

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