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Digital transformation helps companies in all industries stay competitive and keep up with the demands of their customers.

Companies and consumers are being forced to use technology as a means of survival. And it is the same technology that facilitates this change in the way of interacting while generating and providing diversity of data that can be accessed and analyzed.

What should we understand by digital transformation?

Digital transformation is not the digitization of work tools, nor is it a product or a solution that is acquired.

To transform is to make something change or be different without totally altering its essential characteristics. Digital transformation is the process of modifying an organization through the use of tools and technology integration. It implies generating a change in the mentality and organizational and business culture, the adoption of new operating and business models.

Its objective is to optimize processes, resources, accelerate results and offer added value that allows us to be more competitive in our market niche.

How does not walking in the sense of digital transformation affect a company?

Let’s review some of the possible effects:

Delay due to slow reaction. Outdated infrastructure and processes are the biggest obstacles to a rapid response when a change in strategy is required in a dynamic business environment.

Loss of clients. Does your company offer purchase options from any channel? Do you use predictive analytics to personalize offers and launch specific campaigns? If you are not omnichannel, you are about to be out of the game.

Not being able to face competition from digital native companies. These companies adapt and prosper. To stay current, they knew how to make a radical turn in their way of doing business.

The trap of manual processes. Still resistant to automation reducing errors and speeding up cycles? It’s like going in a slower lane when you’re in a hurry.

Outdated development. Your programming and development team requires the agility and platform that allow them to create the applications necessary to operate and arrive on time to compete.

Penalties for non-compliance. Stuck on using spread sheets across different systems? Responding to the requirements of regulatory bodies from one moment to the next is much simpler with a good digital solution.

Don’t capitalize on new technologies. If you have to make the leap to digital transformation, you should know how to take full advantage of trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtualization, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics.

What benefits does digital transformation bring?

Improve the customer experience and strengthen the relationship with your brand. It makes it easy to know the consumption habits, preferences, trends and tastes of your users. It offers intuitive digital tools and interfaces that create satisfying interactions and experiences. Simplify innovation, attract new customers, retain and build loyalty with existing ones.

It simplifies and streamlines production, administration, management, marketing and sales processes, which benefit customers, employees, members and suppliers.

It facilitates the design, creation and implementation of processes helping collaborators to interact more quickly with them.

Greater productivity and reduction in costs and time. Automation streamlines processes, reduces errors, and optimizes work activities. Slowness is fought, winning towards the fulfillment of objectives.

New business and growth opportunities by transforming the commercialization of products and services. Explore possibilities, reach more audiences and expand your customer niche. Options to create alliances with other companies that improve or complement services that were not in the sight.

Healthier companies that keep up with the cultural, social and business environment, favoring business continuity.

Data collection and analysis. Operating with cloud services makes data collection a much more organized and immediate practice, without loss of information. This data collected in real time will feed analytics solutions to business decision making accordingly.

The urgency of digital transformation is your opportunity

The business sector has been in need of digitizing certain processes for several years. This need has accelerated, and while this represents a challenge, it is also an opportunity. The danger lies for sure in being left behind by not investing in technological innovation, or investing without the support of the right suppliers and qualified integrators.

With 30 years leading, enabling and supporting our clients through multiple waves of change and technological evolution, at TELNORM we are specialists in a digital transformation that helps in the transition, considering: planning, management and design of new strategies and tools that contribute to make this migration smooth, efficient and sustainable.

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