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It is not only investing in technology and talent. Improving customer service from the Contact Center requires understanding and meeting the expectations of those who make business continuity possible.

If you want to improve your relationship with customers, you cannot ignore the first step: improve customer service.

No matter how great your products or service are, customers will remember you for the direct interaction they have with your business.

Good customer service requires listening carefully to the needs and concerns of consumers. Any interaction where the client speaks, be it a satisfaction survey, during a call to the Contact Center, a message, reaction or comment on social networks, must be seen and taken into account. Consequently, it will be necessary to seek to satisfy these needs, which requires constant work to improve that customer service to achieve their loyalty.

Making an effort to reach out to your clients, agents and supervisors, will allow you to discover contact channels and skills that you need and can improve. That effort will lead to a recognized, better equipped, and more competent agent. And the customers? They will undoubtedly see that you are committed to providing high-level, proactive care.

Four points to review to improve customer service in the Contact Center

Check customer service skills

We are not just talking about good CRM software that manages the relationship with customers. We are talking about human capital, agents, who have certain qualities such as empathy, patience, adaptability, clear communication, ethics, and knowledge. Today, working from home has removed the barrier of distance, making it possible to add talent to the team no matter where they live.

Don’t neglect any point of contact

Do you have an omnichannel vision? When agents can follow the customer lifecycle in real time, the chances that a bad experience at some point of contact is a reason to ruin the customer relationship, such as due to late service, is minimized.

Improve your organizational customer service strategy

Have different ways of contact and always provide the option of an automated response as well as human access. Use your website, email, phone contact, and social media effectively. Make sure you are always available.

Open the space for the customer to express himself

If the good relationship with the customer requires listening, open the channels and use this information to improve customer service. Make sure to collect this data using voice and screen recording systems, as well as the information from the surveys, and then analyze them in order to raise the level of service and kpi’s.

How are you helping your customer service team provide quality service?

In the technology industry, you will find a number of Contact Center options that can help you create superior agent care, performance monitoring, and customer service.

In TELNORM, in addition to having the most innovative and best qualified technological solutions, we accompany you with experts in different areas who will make a correct integration of systems for a smooth and safe transition in the optimization of your Contact Center.

Our solutions can help you automate processes avoiding human error; facilitate safe and agile communication between agents and supervisors without leaving the call center dialer; minimize downtime and unify communication channels, among other benefits.

We have solutions for:

  • Multichannel Management
  • Contact Center in the Cloud
  • Compliance and Auditing
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Automatic Verification Systems
  • Remote Agent Solutions
  • Desktop Productivity Management
  • Desktop Process Automation & Workflow
  • Performance Management
  • Authentication

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