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Business leaders believe that Customer Engagement is a key competitive differentiator in 2021. They are not wrong: McKinsey recently wrote that organizations that create a distinctive customer experience will recover faster from the pandemic.

A fully committed customer, who is sincerely loyal to your company, wants access to all of your products because they believe that no other company offers the same level of quality. These clients are the most profitable and valuable you can have.

Maintain Customer Engagement in a changing scenario

The pandemic not only caused fundamental changes, but also exacerbated and accelerating challenges:
• A rapidly changing workforce
• Increasing customer expectations
• Limited resources with which to address these challenges

Consumer behavior is evolving and expectations rise as customers:
• Choose digital first
• They prefer self-service and social media
• They expect informed, relevant, and authentic interactions, including human assistance when needed.

The workforce is changing:
• Working from anywhere is the new norm.
• Humans and bots are increasingly working together to address customer needs.
• Generational changes are accelerating.

Organizations haven’t changed fast enough to keep up with these trends:
• The number of engagement channels and customer journeys have doubled or even tripled in the last decade.
• Organizations are dealing with millions of customer interactions and complexity has increased.
• Most organizations have had to address these additional challenges using the same or less equipment and resources.

Strengthening customer relationships is key to building loyalty.

There is a gulf between what organizations know they must do to manage Customer Engagement, and the resources they have to do it.

About 75% of online customers expect to receive a response within five minutes of sending a message to the company, according to a McKinsey study. Another 66% believe they should receive a response in no less than 10 minutes for customer service, sales and marketing inquiries. This would be impossible with only human agents, but AI has made this something that companies can provide with little work with the use of Chatbots and Voice Assistants.

Engagement and communication should be personalized to attract customers and keep them loyal to your brand. With rapid advancements in communication tools and big data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure maximum personalization in your communications. To start building those relationships now, you’ll want to involve as many tools and channels as possible to increase customer engagement.

So customers can simply use the channels they prefer and are familiar with, and reach out to you when they need to. This helps build brand loyalty and assure customers that you will be there not only when they need you, but also where they need you.

Customer engagement has gone digital and this will stay that way.

This digital world where we live generates enormous amounts of information every day. Only recently has it been possible to properly access and analyze all that information on a large scale. Having real-time information about customers gives companies the option to remain agile and act on customer expectations to remain relevant.

The good news is that technology has made it possible to see what is happening in any department at a glance. More than 60% of failed customer service calls could be more easily resolved using better data access.

At TELNORM we have products and services that solve and enhance the Communications and Omnichannel area, the work of remote Customer Service agents and the Back Office area.

We have solutions for:

Multichannel Management
Contact Center in the Cloud
• Complain and Auditing
• Interaction Analytics
Automatic Verification Systems
• Remote Agent Solutions
• Desktop Productivity Management
Desktop Process Automation & Workflow
Performance Management
• Authentication

We are prepared to help you integrate technological solutions and value-added services that lead you to achieve an ideal Customer Engagement through a smooth and intelligent digital transformation.

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