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In this interview, B.E. Antonio Palacios, Founder and CEO of TELNORM, introduces us to the origin of this solid Transnational Systems Integration Company. After a brief tour along the verticals and industries where this Company operates, Antonio Palacios delves into the Contact Center’s niche, an industry in which TELNORM has large experience.

Q: We would like you to tell us a bit about TELNORM, please, Antonio.

A: TELNORM is currently one of the largest Systems Integrators in the region. We have presence in the United States, Mexico, Central America and Colombia. We have been in the market for more than 25 years and we have professionals with big experience – more than 20 years of experience -, some of them are highly recognized. We are an integration Company with extensive experience in different disciplines, ranging from project management to design, architecture, implementation, service, best practices. Our Company is certified in all its processes with ISO 9000 and ISO 27000. We have a group of experiences and audits that allow us to give our clients the highest quality of integration services.

Q: Which are the markets in which you are having participation, Antonio?

A: Well Andrea, mainly TELNORM offers Services and Solutions in the Contact Center Industry. And speaking about the Contact Centers industry is quite ample, because, you know, nowadays all industries are related someway to Contact Centers, or Contact Centers are related to all industries in some way, from Health, to Banking, Insurance, BPO’s, Collection, Government, Retail, so it is really ample to speak of Contact Centers. We are very well positioned in the Contact Center Industry offering a wide range of solutions in this area. We also have very specific solutions for the Financial Industry, where we  have been working for many years. We have another vertical market where we provide Security Solutions in a wide range of aspects. And we are also in the Transportation Industry, mainly in airports and railways.

Q: For specific, what does TELNORM offer in the Contact Center Industry?

A: For the Contact Center Industry we offer different options. We offer solutions for the automation and control of operational processes. Multichannel solutions. Solutions for performance measurement, this has taken a lot of boom lately due to working at home. Information analysis solutions. Fraud control solutions, not only in the Financial environment but also in the Retail environment, in the B2B sales environment, in the E-commerce environment. Mainly solutions for the automation and control of operational processes, which is a very important area within Contact Centers. We have solutions to measure and increase productivity in general. We also have solutions for fraud control and security and quality control solutions in Contact Centers.

Q: In your opinion as Founder, as CEO of TELNORM, what distinguishes TELNORM from other companies that offer solutions in the same niches where TELNORM operates?

A: It is the commitment we have with our clients. With great pride I can tell you that we have clients that have been around for a long time, we are in the fourth or fifth generation of systems that we offer to our clients, and this is only achieved with a service and follow-up and a commitment to our clients in every way.

Q: What distinguishes TELNORM at service, at solutions, at this integration that it carries out for Contact Centers? What makes TELNORM unique from the rest of similar companies?

A: Being an integration company, we must first have specialists with a lot of experience and different areas that can handle the project from creation, from architecture, from project dimensioning. So we have areas that can do the project design, the initial proof of the project concept; we have areas that handle the Project Management, and areas that specialize in integration.

Nowadays no project is implemented as a closed box. Today all of our systems have to interact with our clients’ systems. We have areas for the installation, engineering, maintenance, training and customer service of the systems that we provide. We do all the accompaniment to our clients, from the beginning until it is installed. It is a whole work philosophy and it is a complete accompaniment that we offer, besides to offering the best technologies available in the market.

P: It was great to have talked with you Antonio. Perhaps, next time we can talk about some of the other areas where TELNORM is creating solutions and integrating them.

A: Sure, it will be a pleasure, Andrea. Thanks a lot.

(interview conducted by Andrea Aymes, TELNORM Marketing Area, December 2020)

Antonio Palacios, Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Contact Center, Aeronautics, Telecommunications, and Location Base Service Industries. Skilled in CRM, WorkForce Automation, Sales Management, Strategic Partnerships, and International Sales. Strong business development skills and entrepreneurship.

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